The firm W.I.T. has actually more than 900 solutions.
The 10 most important are:
-Interface between single board computers and external devices
-Remote control command for cement mixer trucks / Petreus (
-Control of the hydraulic charge system for trucks / Abastible (
-Automation of a frigorific compacter / Sopraval (
-Maintenance of the internal computer network of a University / Universidad de Chile (
-Maintenance of the control system of Hovercraft Santa Juana / Public Ministry, Vallenar (
-Automation of systems / Envases Termoaislantes (
-Power resource of machines for special pieces / ETSA (
-New layout and moving of a production plant / Cortezza
-Diagnostic system for radio remote controls / Banff (

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We can help you in:
-Process optimization and automation
-Implementations of quality systems like ISO 9000, GMP, etc.
-Integral firm management

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